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Video Production

We start by focusing on storytelling. Done right, it changes attitudes and behaviors, engages people and compels them to act.

Then we work on creative ideas. Clear message that will engage, inspire and influence your audience.

Time for filming! Polishing the script, casting the talent and scouting the locations. Top notch equipment and our crazy good team of professionals will bring it all together.

Finally, we can focus on editing. Our experts in post-production team are a secret sauce to our success

Animated Video Production (CGI)

Our team of top Eastern European talent in digital video production uses cutting-edge technology to lend real character to your ideas.

Quite simply, with a wealth of talented artists we bring your message to life. Motion graphics and 3D animation is a perfect channel to transform your complex ideas, wide ranges of services and products into a clear message that will get you results.

  • Animation 2D & 3D CGI

  • Integration 3D

  • Matte Painting

  • Compositing

  • Tracking

  • Motion Graphics

  • Morphing

  • Dynamics

  • Rendering

  • 3D Stereoscopy

  • Particles and fluid simulations

  • Clean up-retouches

  • Color grading

  • Architectural visualization

  • Character Animation

  • Motion-control supervision

  • Storyboard & Animatix

  • Animatics

Video made easy

Video does not have to be difficult and talent fees don’t have to break the bank. Our mission is to provide your projects with highly skilled professionals and make your video a reality. If you need a specific video service we can do that as well, production or post-production, CGI or live action, the only thing that matters is your idea, the rest is up to us.

Our Professionals worked with

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