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Getting the message across, this is what we do best. Through years of experience we have honed our skills to produce the elearning voice over that is just right. With us you get  enticing voices, perfect audio production to clear all imperfections and flawless rhythm and delivery in all our work. We are also available to consult and help you put your script together and our rates are next to none.

Why You should choose HubSteady for you educational materials

Our broad selection of professional voice over artists is guaranteed to provide the best fit for your specific educational needs. We don’t provide you with just any old voice, no, we will take the time to figure out who your target audience is, and based on that we will provide you with the best fit from our catalog. We take great care that the voices provided suite the theme and audience expectations so our educational voice overs come across just the way they should, perfect.

One Size (NEVER) Fits All

You were probably told that when it comes to educational voice over talent, rules are the same as with any other voice over type, well, they aren’t. Educational voice over talent is all about story telling and keeping your attention, and we have just the voices you need.

Catered to ELearning

Apart from the voice over itself we also provide full production services to make sure you get the best possible product. We don’t allow for any imperfections, background noises and other distractions in our elearning voice overs. We know how crucial it is to produce clean audio recordings that will keep your audience engaged

A Comfortable Solution

With HubSteady we make it a point to do all the hard work. Our experienced project managers will make sure you’re given your elearning voice over on time and on the money. All you have to do is contact us.

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